About Us

At KEYPR, we're on a mission to transform the guest experience at hotels, casinos and residential properties globally.

The KEYPR Mission

"Using technology, our goal is to provide an immersive experience to bridge the relationship between what a property offers and what the guest needs."

Our Team

KEYPR’s management team is comprised of Silicon Valley insiders and former executives from Facebook, the Westmont Hospitality Group and SONY. Our board and advisors include former senior management from Hilton, Starwood, Fox Mobile, Disney and CHMWarnick.

Robert Stevenson

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Anderson

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Philippe Dias

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Wynne

General Counsel, SVP Business Affairs

Sabir Jaffer

Co-Founder, Senior Vice President

Tim Seaton

Vice President of Client Services

Nandan Kalle

Vice President of Product

Ben Keller

Vice President of Sales

Megan Pope

Senior Director of Marketing and Events

Roman Mazur

Senior Director of Engineering